Art Cart Program

The Order of St. John, Vancouver Commandery created a Hospice Art Committee with the primary goal of selecting and collecting works of art to create a peaceful, inspiring and attractive environment for the benefit of residents, their families, staff and visitors. To further this goal, the St. John Hospice Art Committee visited the hospice on May 22nd. The Committee was pleased to see how beautifully the hospice fits into the landscape, serene and peaceful, contemporary yet timeless. The vibrancy of the UBC Campus, as you approach St. John Hospice, is a poignant reminder that life goes on in the midst of sorrow. Once inside St. John Hospice there is a welcoming atmosphere. The ceilings are high, the halls are wide, the common areas are lovely yet functional. There are quiet spaces and spaces to share with others. The resident rooms are a testimony to the care and comfort each resident shall receive. Attention has been given to every detail. However, works of art were needed to complete the peaceful, inspiring and attractive environment that has been created. Through the Art Cart Program, residents will be given the opportunity to personalize their rooms by borrowing art reproductions from the art cart. The Order of St. John Hospice Art Committee selected, collected and encouraged donations of fine art for the common areas. There was an over whelming response to the request for art donations and as a result the newly opened hospice has a vast selection of art that is not only appropriate for the setting but also provides a wide choice of art work for residents to select from the Art Cart.
clip_image002clip_image003 Members of the Order of St. John Hospice Art Committee selecting feature walls for art work

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