Grant Evaluation Guide

The questions below must be answered in your final grant evaluation submission to the Sovereign Order of St. John within three months of completing your project.

Read the following questions carefully, prepare your report, and submit to

Applicant Information

Provide organizational and grant information

  • Organization
  • Mailing address
  • Primary and secondary contact names (if applicable)
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Grant award amount

Project Summary

Provide a summary of your project

  • Project title, start date, and end date
  • The purpose and objectives of the project
  • The demographic profile and number of people that benefited from the project as described in the grant application
  • The key activities of the project
  • Describe how the Sovereign Order of St John was recognized


Based on the metrics you gathered during the project,

  • List the intended outcomes of the program (from original application)
  • Provide evidence from the data collected to support whether outcomes were achieved (quantitative and qualitative impact)
  • If any intended outcomes were not achieved, indicate the reasons
  • Indicate any unintended outcomes, which were achieved (positive and negative)
  • If volunteers were involved in your project, provide details regarding the number and the impact of their participation

Budget Information

Submit original budgeting documents and add actual dollar values spent

  • Resubmit a copy of the original project budget sheets (revenue sources and expenses) from the grant application, including an additional column entitled ‘actual expenses’
  • List any additional funders and amounts, including in-kind contributors
  • Describe your efforts to leverage additional funding with the SOSJ award


Report on the successes and lessons learned

  • Describe how the program could be altered to improve its results
  • Describe any future plans for the program
  • Describe plans to fund the project in the future

Impact Stories

Let us know what people are saying about your project

  • Include feedback and stories from people who have benefited from the project and programs
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