Overview of the Organization

The Vancouver Commandery of The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knight Hospitaller, is a non-profit society dedicated to the support of palliative care in British Columbia. With more than 150 Knights and Dames, the Vancouver Commandery is the largest commandery in the Order.  Members of the Vancouver Commandery come from a wide variety of backgrounds: business, education, health sciences, public service, and community organizations to name a few.

Michael Hobbs 1986-1987
Douglas de Savoye 1988-1989
Arthur Knight 1990
Darrell Jones 1991
Robert Brodie 1992-1994
Al R. Wagner 1995-1997
William Meehan 1998-1999
John Dustan 2000-2002
Michael Shields 2003-2005
Poul Hansen 2006-2007
Robert Trowbridge 2008-2010
Richard Earthy 2011-2015
Anne K. Rowland 2015-Present